Sofonesia Reminder

Sofonesia Reminder

Sofonesia Reminder can remind you of various things
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Sofonesia Reminder can remind you of various things .It can :

- Remind about birthday of friends and relatives.

- Remind about important appointments and events.

- Remind about Payment of bills.

Main Features:

- It supports unlimited reminders. Any number of reminders can be set.

- It supports MP3 and Wave format sounds. Any music of choice can be set along with the reminder.

The music will be played when the reminder window appears.

- Every reminder can have it's own mp3 song. If a song is not selected;a default music will be played.

- It contains three different categories of reminders 1)Day 2)Daily 3)Regular

- Day reminder can be set to a particular day of week. The reminder will be repeated on that day.

- Daily reminder can be used to set a reminder that will play daily at a specific interval.

- Regular reminder can be set to any date.

- Supports SNOOZE functionality.

- SNOOZE interval can be set from settings.

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